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New command for the Status form

I have introduced a new Project Manager menu command for the Status form below. This form will be used to add, remove or revert files, and to make a commit to the repository in a single form.


Testers wanted for Bitbucket Mobile Viewer (iOS)

I started to write a mobile application, Bitbucket Mobile Viewer, to access Bitbucket with its REST API. The first supported platform is iOS but Android version will be added later.

Since I only have access to my personal iPhone 5s, I want testers who have other iPhones or iPads. If you are willing to test my application on your device and to make a feedback, please let me know. I will arrange you can join the test flight soon.


HgBDS now has a Google+ page

I created a Google+ page for the HgBDS project. If you have a Google+ account and are interested in the project, please follow it.

Do you prefer a Facebook page instead? Just let me know if you do!

The HgBDS project has got its own site

I created a new Google site for the HgBDS project.  I will soon add more information about Mercurial integration for Embarcadero RAD Studio on the site.

Work on xllmnrd will slow down

After the beta release of xllmnrd, it appears that fewer people are really interested in xllmnrd or an open-source LLMNR responder implementation on GNU/Linux than I expected.  Although we have still many issues to complete the planned features, I could not use so much time for xllmnrd as before unless we would gain more interests in it.  So the work on xllmnrd will for a while slow down so that I can work on other projects as well.  If you see xllmnrd is interesting or looks useful for you, please let me know so that I can help you solve your problem sooner.

New feature for pid file landed

A new feature that adds an option to specify a pid file has landed on the default branch. It will make it easier to write an init script.


Localization project for xllmnrd

Localization project for xllmnrd is now open on Transifex. Your contribution is welcome.


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