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How to use a Sellfy “Buy now” button on Google Sites

November 20, 2013

If you have an account at Sellfy and want to promote your digital goods on Google Sites, you will feel sad as you cannot embed the provided HTML code for a “Buy now” button  into your page.

For probably security reasons, Google Sites forbids you to embed your scripts in your page, unfortunately.  But you can make your own gadget that contains the button code and insert it into you page, alternatively.

A gadget is just an XML file that can contain HTML contents.  You can make the XML file easily with any text editor.  If you place the file at any public location accessible with a URL, you can then insert it in your page on Google Sites.  Here is an examble.

But before you begin writing your own gadget, please note that a gadget will be contained in an iframe on the page.  Your contents will be clipped by the iframe’s width and height, so you should specify a reasonable size for it.  In addition, you might have to add a target attribute to some links in your gadget to avoid the link destinations happens to be displayed in the small iframe.

If I could get any request, I would make my example code published later on this blog.  Thank you for reading.


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